Over the years we have collected lots of pencils. Buy a pencil from us today! We promise to send you a great collector's item!
Price: $1.00
Glass of Water
Shipping World-Wide! Enjoy a fresh glass of water! If you never tasted Boston Water before, you don't know what your missing.
Price: $8.00
Garden Weeds
An Intern thought that some people might like some of the garden weed that we have. This is a great idea for those that have problems taking care of plants
Price: $44,234.00
Enjoy a Coke-Cola from Boston - its made in Boston! Put it in the frig for a cold drink!
Price: $1.00
Ghost Dust
During our tour we give away a small bad of ghost dust to a special person. You can now buy our very limited supply. Each box comes with a certificate of authority, that the dust was collected after a ghost disappeared.
Price: $76.00
A postcard of a photo of a random building in Boston. We'll walk around the city and find a unique building and send you the post card of that building with a little history of it.
Price: $249.00
Apple 8600
We have an old Apple 8600 at our office. We haven't used it in years. You must come in the office to pick this up.
Price: $100.00
Snowy Road
One of our tour host took a picture of a road with snow and thought we should sell it on our website. FREE Shipping!
Price: $10.00 $6.00